On Thursday February 25th 2010, a group of 33 clinicians, pathologists, geneticists, researchers and patient advocates from around Australia and New Zealand met to discuss how to network more effectively for diagnosis, research, therapy and advocacy of patients with neuromuscular disorders.

The Towards a Brighter Future Conference provided an opportunity to have everyone in the same place at the same time to have a face-to-face discussion of the “Coalition of the Willing” (Nigel Laing 2010). When Katie Bushby agreed to attend the conference, it provided a wonderful opportunity to consider the establishment of a formal network affiliated with TREAT-NMD. During the introductions at the Workshop – everyone was asked to talk about “their passions” in the fields of diagnostics, research, clinical care and advocacy. The following things were immediately evident:

By the end of the first session we had reached consensus about the need to establish a network