To improve health outcomes by providing:

* Guidance in best practice in diagnosis, care and treatment
* Ready access to Standards of Care
* A unified approach to ethical approvals and consent
* Improved communication
* Integrated training programs for clinicians and researchers
* Assistance to set up multidisciplinary services
* A single voice to advocate for our patients
* Notification of opportunities to participate in registries, research studies and clinical trials


Our goal is to ensure excellence in diagnostic methods and clinical management, and equal access to clinical trials and new therapies, for all individuals in Australia and New Zealand affected by neuromuscular disorders.


To be a coordinated and collaborative voice at a national level to advocate for improved funding for diagnostic services, registers and clinical trials infrastructure. We can achieve our vision by establishing a cohesive, integrated neuromuscular network which enables people to work together across Australia and New Zealand, for the well-being of patients.