The ANN is structured to address major areas of Clinical and Research Interest. Each focus area has a Steering Committee comprising individuals recognised as having the major expertise in that area, as well as providing representation of all the major groups active in the care and study of individuals with neuromuscular disorders in each state of Australia and in New Zealand.

Executive Committee

Prof Kathryn North

Prof Nigel Laing

Prof Alastair Corbett

Dr Kristi Jones

A/Prof Andrew Kornberg

A/Prof Monique Ryan

Mr Phil Martin

Steering Groups

Clinical Care

Co-Chairs: Alastair Corbett and Kristi Jones

Monique Ryan (Vic); Anita Cairns (Qld); David Mowat (NSW); Rakesh Patel (NZ); Paula Bray (NSW); Michelle Farrar (NSW)


Chair: Nigel Laing

Nigel Clarke (NSW); Catriona McLean (Vic); Paul Kennedy (Vic); Tom Robertson (Qld); Peter Taylor (NSW); Michael Buckley (NSW); Mark Davis (WA); Leigh Waddell (NSW)

Clinical Trials

Co-Chairs: Andrew Kornberg and Monique Ryan

Kathryn North (NSW); Anita Cairns (Qld); Joshua Burns (NSW); Phillipa Lamont (WA)


Chair: Kathryn North

Nigel Laing (WA); Nigel Clarke (NSW); Monique Ryan (Vic); Joshua Burns (NSW); Richard Roxburgh (NZ)

Advocacy/Funding Opportunities

Chair: Phil Martin

Deb Robins (Qld); Andrew Kornberg (Vic); Nigel Laing (WA); Kathryn North (NSW); Hilary Rayner (NZ); Julie Cini (Vic); Varlli Beetham (Vic)