Diagnosis and management of DMD

Although guidelines are available for various aspects of DMD, comprehensive clinical care recommendations do not exist. This year, for the first time, Kate Bushy and colleagues published a comprehensive two-part article in Lancet giving recommendations on best practice in the management of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The Lancet articles are available to download from the TREAT-NMD website.

The article provides pivotal guidance for anyone involved in the care of patients affected by DMD. It is particularly important for those caring for patients who do not have access to a range of specialists, as “input from different specialties and the emphasis of interventions will change as the disease progresses”.

The article is also a very useful tool to assist with the diagnosis of DMD, physiotherapy, surgery, neuromuscular and skeletal assessments and management, pharmacological interventions and psychosocial, pain, respiratory, cardiac and nutritional management.

The article has also been translated into a family-friendly’ version and is also available on the TREAT-NMD website.